Most of the website is based on the work of a few people. In spite of all this, we would not be at the point today without other people who have supported this project. Just in moments when we didn't know what to do, or when we couldn't go any further. At this point we would like to express our special thanks to the following persons:

Christian Spychala for general support, especially as a camera assistant at shootings for the application to Germany Land of Ideas, for hardware donations as our equipment gave up and for friendship.

Florian Häusler (owner of HR IT-Solutions) for the nocturnal heroic fix of a frustrating nine months existing problem with OG Tags and since then continuous support of our website and implementation of the website 2.0

Christian Hecker (owner of Tigaer Design) for design technical assistance (website & card game), translation and the planet in the logo of Your Little Planet

Sebastian Dramburg (owner of Medienrecht Berlin) for legal advice

Erik Gutow for after-work support for minor website updates with htaccess and OG tags for SEO

Maik Kaune (owner of Pepperstreet) for help in adapting the website to design with CSS and for good conversations

Astrid Schilling (Academic Assistant at the Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences) for feedback on the website

Many online helpers who look at our site and draw our attention to mistakes