The major problem of nuclear power plants is the radioactively contaminated waste produced by energy generation. It has been radiating for several hundred thousand years and we have not yet found a safe repository for it anywhere in the world. No one can guarantee that this waste will continue to be safely stored in 20,000 years' time and will not burden future generations (DICH). We live with it already at the expense of our future generations who have to struggle with this garbage.

But nuclear power plants will never be 100% safe, and the consequences of this were seen in Chernobyl in 1986 or in Fukushima in 2011 as nuclear catastrophes of the worst magnitude. To this day, the consequences can still be seen in the form of contaminated areas of land that cannot be inhabited or cultivated. Or in the form of the many radiation victims who live or die with cancer or malformations and pass this on to subsequent generations. Highly toxic radioactive substances enter the environment and are carried into the oceans by water, where marine organisms are contaminated.

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