CETA is a secretly negotiated agreement between Canada and the EU, which allows corporations to lower our environmental and social standards and take legal action against them before commercially oriented arbitration courts. This is to the detriment of our democracy, environment and health. It has passed parliaments and replaced the TTIP agreement, which is to be regarded as a failure. There is a massive risk that the following rights will be reduced or massively restricted:

  • Democratic rule of law (corporations can sue states)
  • Production standards (chlorinated chicken, genetically modified food)
  • Environmental standards (groups can file suit for Fracking permission)
  • social standards
  • employment rights
  • consumer protection

All these rights, which are important for every human being, are only "barriers to trade"for corporations and politicians. WITHOUT involving citizens and parliaments, only industrial lobbyists have access to these secret negotiations and shape this agreement for the benefit of corporations and business. Truly all the values and standards that people have struggled for and built up over many centuries are sold for a better economy that does not benefit the common good.

You just have to ask yourself one question: Why is this secretly negotiated and put into effect past parliaments?

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