Financial support for our work enables us to create more content and make the initiative bigger and more diverse. With financial support, new topics can be researched and worked out more quickly, new videos can be produced and more public relations work can be carried out for the topics.


For PayPal just click on the picture above. It is provided with a donation link directly to PayPal.

Just click on the image above with your credit card, it is linked to the crwodfunding site patreon. com with a donation link.

For BitCoins copy the following code to make the transfer: 1D1UeZenttMeSoXbWsDunx9BAyNxWKbrW

Since we are still a private initiative and no non-profit UG or association (we still have to clarify what comes into question and for this running costs such as accounting, etc. must also be clarified) these financial contributions to us are regarded as donations and not as a donation. Donations can only be received from institutions such as non-profit organisations, associations and others. They can also issue donation receipts. We can't do that!

If you want to know who you are supporting to run the initiative in full time, have a look HERE to see which people are working hard and free of charge on the initiative.