Pollinators ensure that more than 4000 varieties of vegetables and fruit land on our plates. In addition, pollinators are especially important for other organisms and our environment and nature because they are dependent on pollinated plants. Wild bees in particular are important and very effective pollinators. Because due to their way of life (most wild bee species live individually and not in states like the honeybee) they pollinate up to 3 times more plants than the much more well-known honeybee.

But the animals are threatened. This is mainly due to field poisons such as neonicotinoids, which are used in conventional agriculture in monocultures or even by hobby gardeners, but also due to the increasing sealing of soils by construction measures.

Berlin - Blühstreifen für Bestäuber

Berlin - Flower strips for pollinators

Berlin - Fuchsrote Sandbienen in Steglitz-Zehlendorf

Berlin - Fuchsrote Sandbienen

Larven der Roten Mauerbiene retten

Larven der Roten Mauerbiene