It started with a sentence a year ago. In a forum called "Web Developer for a Better World" I was looking for someone to help me with a problem I've been trying to solve for several months. That's how I met Florian. Together we sat together for the first time 4 hours in the night over Skype and I watched how he met this first wish.

That's what it looked like in the past weeks and days, when we finished the last steps of the implementation of my new design for Your Little Planet, and the page is now up. We also had a good website before, but it had its limits. Me, namely. I am not a web developer, and the implementation of new ideas and designs stalled.

Since Florian considers our work to be extremely important and we are chronically broke, he and his team (Josef and Valeria) agreed to help us implement the new site. The result can now be seen in the form here since today (15.12.2017).

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all at HR-IT Solutions. Not only do we get a wider reach through this help, but we can also realize more plans and make them look fancier. We have also been able to get to know dear people whom we also call our friends.

Thanks for being there :-)