TISA is briefly explained: it negotiates easier access for foreign companies to the markets of the countries concerned. Privatisation means this, and we can imagine that our school canteens are run by companies such as Coca-Cola or McDonald's, for example. Secondary schools and hospitals will only be able to afford affluent people, and the companies in the respective countries will agree among themselves on how much wages and holidays the workers will receive. Here too,"trade barriers" are removed and it is possible to reduce the following standards:

  • environmental protection
  • consumer protection
  • social standards

All this is happening once again behind closed doors, but under the influence of the corporate lobbyists. With their help, democratically-fought-for regulations and regulations that serve all citizens and the common good, but stand in the way of the interests of corporations. Among other things, public services of basic services (health, energy and water supply, education and more) will be provided to private companies.

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