Whereas factory farming (conventional animal husbandry) is primarily concerned with maximising meat yield and profits, animal welfare is of primary importance in species-appropriate animal husbandry, which is oriented towards the natural living conditions of animals (the word is important!). Species-appropriate animal husbandry is above all an important part of organic farming.

But even this can be much better, because the husbandry according to organic standards is not very different from the conventional husbandry (e. g. 100 kg of fattening pigs instead of 0.65 m² in conventional husbandry, 1.9 m² of space as organic pigs). The shredding of male chicks not needed for egg production, which is still practised in many organic farms. These are good approaches which have already been significantly improved by some companies (e. g. Demeter), but only by a few.

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