Beitrag von Nicolas Bramke


The last article was published some time ago. In addition to working on the content of Your Little Planet, it is also necessary to do other work in order to finance this volunteer work. And then... there are also the dates that bring some of our projects forward.

In the middle of February we had such an appointment at the Grünflächenamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf to discuss our concern for the Lankwitzer Blühwiesen. The reason for this is the massive death of insects worldwide (in 2017 up to 80% fewer insects in Germany than 30 years ago in nature reserves alone). In concrete terms, our areas consist of two areas at the community park (Mühlenstr. / Gallwitzallee and directly in front of the community centre Lankwitz) and areas directly at the Lankwitz church.

The conversation with the green area office was very constructive and promising. It seems that such measures are now also politically desired, as they have moved far enough into the focus of public attention. This is also proven by the project to designate a flowering area at the town hall of Zehlendorf, upon application by the left-wing faction.

Now we have homework. We are currently determining the soil communities and predominant plant communities for the areas we want to cultivate (most of them are normal lawns, but one area is a former hay meadow), the possibilities of soil preparation, seed selection, maintenance measures and much, much more. This takes time and we notice this in other places that are not progressing at the moment.

But that doesn't matter, because we are already looking forward to setting an impulse in our neighbourhood to start this project together with neighbours of all ages. Stay tuned, soon it will go on. If you want to know more about the topic, you will find a description and updates HERE.


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