Beitrag von Nicolas Bramke


Dear neighbours,

The days are finally getting warmer and with spring the very early bees become active. One of the first bees is the very gentle and solitary wild bee Andrena fulva (fox red sand bee), which soon crawls out of its small nests to collect nectar and pollen and pollinate flowers.

We have in Lankwitz one of the largest colonies of the fox red sand bee in Berlin (almost a whole street) and would like to invite interested people to accompany us on a walk and learn a little more about these very important animals.

We offer the following date from neighbours for neighbours and orient ourselves on the activity of the bees and of course on the weather, because bees inevitably stay at home during rain and cold weather.

Saturday, 28.04.2018, 12 o'clock

The time is set so that hopefully the breakfast coma is over and there is still enough saturation for 60 - 120 minutes of guidance (depending also on your questions). Afterwards there is still enough time to prepare lunch.

The meeting point would be at the corner Havensteinstr. /Dillgesstr (currently there is a clothes container).

If you are interested, please contact us, we will keep you up to date, even in case of changes or cancellations due to bad weather. Should there be any changes we will inform you.

This tour is also very suitable for people who are afraid of bees, as these animals (even if they are irritated) usually do not sting (unlike honey bees which have guard bees).

until there,


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