Beitrag von Nicolas Bramke


The last few weeks have been marked by elections, unworthy of a democracy, political hooliganism and a prime example of lobbyist politicians. We didn't write anything about it.... and there's a good reason for that. Because we spent a lot of time and effort setting up the new website in the background... The Florian from HR IT-Solutions, who has personally accompanied me for more than a year with improvements to the website, supports us. Since I reached my limits with the goals for the website, he and his crew are now the ones in the background, who have decidedly implemented the new design pro bono.

The quiet outside times will be over with the launch... We will then be able to work on improving the content again, cool new tools for the website that are already being prepared, and of course our heartfelt projects.

In addition, we now have two new active helpers on board. On the one hand, Björn, who will be a guest author in the blog and translate the content of the website. And very fresh is Susi, who will strengthen us in the area of press work and social media.

From now on there are contents again... so stick with it. :-)

Your Nic

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