Beitrag von Nicolas Bramke


It also happens in the year that I am one year older. It's called Burzeltag and the tension and wishes decrease with age: -) That's why I can answer the question of what I'm wishing for with every year harder and harder. But this year I have made myself a great present. Because our new website of Your Little Planet is now live and I can't stand the new design. Florian, Josef and Valeria from HR-IT-Solutions are responsible for the implementation of our design. You have taken on this task of implementing everything according to our wishes. In this way you support us in further developing our education platform and informing even more people. That is why we would also like to thank you.

Below you can see an animated GIF showing the different development stages of the main page until it was finally finalized. This is exemplary for every other area also on the website, because everybody had to have their own design. A long way, but it's finished. In the GIF, however, modules that are still under development and will make the site even cooler in the future are greyed out.

Criticism? Give me that! Found an error? Write us!

In this sense, have fun on the new page, for us it is now time to continue to rework the contents.


Your Nic

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